PSM100 Nagar App Download

PSM100 Nagar App Download  - The centenary festival of Saint Pujaya Shri Pramukhswamy, which is starting from today for a month in the courtyard of Ahmedabad, will be neither a ghost nor a ghost. Lakhs of devotees and visitors will visit the magnificent Swaminarayananagar, built on 600 acres of land along the Sardar Patel Ring Road between Science City-Oganaj. This centenary festival is likely to attract more than one crore visitors in a month. Following this, various arrangements have been made for the management and orderliness of the visitors, keeping in mind the sensitive matters. With all facilities available from food to bhajans, visitors to this centenary festival will now also get the benefit of digitalisation. Now assuming millions of followers and visitors can get many features in a single click.

In this centenary festival, the help of technology has been taken so that the millions of devotees coming from abroad do not face any inconvenience and the visitors do not suffer. Many volunteers have rendered various kinds of service in the preparations for the centenary festival. Now an application called PSM 100 has been created to maintain the system here. Through this application, which is available on Google Play Store, not only the propagation, but also the transport will be controlled. This specially designed application will support users 24x7 with the aim of helping the visitors of Shatabdi Mohotsav.

This application called PSM 100 will play the role of a guide. Gujarati, English and Hindi three language options are also provided for the users who download this application. After selecting one of the three languages, a digital treasure trove of many features will open up for the visitor or devotee.

PSM100 Nagar App

In this application you will get the benefit of three options namely parking, travel guidance and QR code

Talking about one of the option travel guides, as soon as you click here, you will get a direct route in the Google map, due to which you will be able to reach the centenary festival being held at Oganaj directly from your village, city or society.

Now let's talk about another facility, which was much needed in Pramukhswaminagar spread over 600 acres, that of parking. Using technology has made car parking easier for visitors. After reaching the parking place, the visitor can secure the parking space by scanning the QR code nearby and when the visitor leaves to go back, he can also find his car in the large parking space based on the QR code.

Apart from this, the facility of other QR codes can be availed from the entry gate to the entire premises. In this 600 acre premises, you will be able to reach the location of the various facilities... from there to the information of the stalls, you will be able to reach there on your mobile.


From the inauguration of this centenary festival by PM Modi to the schedule of various programs of the entire month, you will also get information on this application. Users will also be able to get interesting information about the cultural events held on a daily basis at home. Giving more information about PSM 100 app Yogesh Patel who is a Haribhakta said that this app is made by volunteers of BAPS organization. This app is available on play store for free, there is no charge to use it. The aim is that if more visitors and horticulturists take advantage of this application, the system will also be easy to maintain and every visitor will have to walk less.



PSM100 Nagar App Download 

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