Ayushman Card Hospital List Gujarat 2023

Ayushman Card Hospital List Gujarat 2023: Sent off as the Public Wellbeing Security Mission by the Service of Wellbeing and Family Government assistance, Administration of India, Ayushman Bharat will be overseen by the Public Wellbeing Organization at the national level and the State Health Agency at the state level. Ayushman Bharat Yojana has become the world's largest health scheme covering the health protection of around 50 crore poor people of the country.

Benefits available under Ayushman Card

Under the Ayushyaman Bharat Yojana, 50 crore poor-deprived citizens from 10.74 crore poor-deprived families of the country will get free health services up to Rs.5 lakh per year.

Who can take advantage of Ayushman Card?

According to the Socio-Economic Survey conducted by the Government of India in the year 2011-12, the families included under the poverty line and the families who are BPL. All the poor families who are card holders will get the benefit of Ayushman Bharat Yojana. 2.25 crore citizens from over 44 lakh poor-deprived families of Gujarat will get the benefit of treatment at 100 percent government expense.

Eligibility of Ayushman Bharat Yojana

Life expectancy in India has no caste limit. Those whose annual income is low and included in the family living below the poverty line, those living in small and crude houses, homeless, besides all types of laborers and disabled people will benefit from this scheme. Such a family, irrespective of caste or class, will get the benefit of Ayushman Bharat.Aside from this BPL card holders Planned Standings, Booked Clans and Migrant and Absolve Ranks have been straightforwardly included.There is no limit on the number of persons in the family and age.

PMJAY: Ayushman Bharat Yojana 2023(આયુષ્માન ભારત યોજના)   સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી ગુજરાતીમાં 

How to avail this scheme?

In Ayushman India's website which is BPL. The card holder's name is included in the beneficiary list, the beneficiary can avail the benefits of the scheme in any government private hospital affiliated to Ayushman Bharat. It is necessary to show Aadhaar Card, Ration Card, Smart Card or Ayushman Card at the time of admission to the hospital. Ayushman Card will be issued by State Health Agency as well as Ayushman Mitra.


How to really look at the rundown of recipients of this plan?

A BPL card holder can see if he is enlisted or not via looking through his portable number, proportion card number or name in the Ayushman India site https://mera.pmjay.gov.in/search/login. Aside from this, approaching helpline number 14555 and 1800 111 565 will give data without any problem.

What is Ayushman Mitra?

All administration and confidential emergency clinics associated to Ayushman Bharat have designated an Ayushman Mitra who will assist with finishing the whole cycle from admission to release of the patient. Likewise, the medical clinic will go about as a connection between the public authority and the insurance agency.

In which clinic you will get benefit

All administration and emergency clinics of the nation associated to Ayushman Bharat Yojana will get the advantage of Ayushman Bharat Yojana. In Ayushman Bharat Yojana, 8 thousand medical clinics have proactively been associated and the public authority's objective is to interface 20 thousand clinics. With the goal that an unfortunate family residing in any edge of the conditions of the nation will actually want to get wellbeing administrations close to their home. North of 1700 government and confidential medical clinics in Gujarat will give therapy under Ayushman Bharat.

Which sicknesses will be treated for nothing?

A sum of 1350 sorts of medical procedures, examinations and methods will be profited in Ayushman India. Each unfortunate resident of the nation will get free advantages for significant diseases and significant activities and emergency clinic methods. Activities incorporate detour a medical procedure, waterfall, corneal uniting, orthoplasty, chest crack, urological medical procedure, cesarean conveyance, dialysis, spine medical procedure, mind growth medical procedure and different disease medical procedures.

All exchanges will be Paper Less

All tolerant related exchanges in Ayushman Bharat Yojana will be paperless and credit only. For this, an IT through the organization of NITI Aayog. The stage will be operationalized. Aside from this, the sum got by the recipient will be straightforwardly kept into the record through direct charge move.


Steps to Check Beneficiary Name in Ayushman Yojana

  • To check your name in Pradhan Mantri Ayushyama Yojana first open the official website www.pmjay.gov.in.Click on the 'Im an Eligible' option from the homepage.
  • In the new page that opens, enter your mobile number and Captcha Code and click on Generate OTP.
  • Then an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, enter it in the box and click on SUBMIT button.
  • After all this process your ID will be verified and in the next page select your state.
  • After selecting the state select any one option from the Select Category option. 
  • Then if your name is in this scheme it will show in new page.
  •  Finally, clicking on Family Details will open all the details of your families, in this you can check all the names of the family members.
  • After checking the name, you have to click on Get Details, so you have to go to the nearest health center to get the HHID number on your registered mobile number.

આયુષ્માન ભારત યોજના 2023 નું હોસ્પિટલ લીસ્ટ જાહેર, જાણો ક્યા મળશે મફત સારવાર 

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