How is the vote counted? Know Full Process

How is the vote counted? Know Full Process - The results of Gujarat and Himachal assembly elections will be announced on December 8. Counting will begin at all counting centers from 8 am on Thursday. But, before the results, the exit poll figures are already out. Thanks to the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), counting of votes takes only a few hours. However, now with VVPAT verification becoming mandatory, it is taking time to declare the final result. Then let us understand how the counting of votes is finally done? How are EVMs delivered to the counting centers? Where are EVMs kept? Why is VVPAT slip verification done? What will happen to these EVMs after counting? Find answers to some of these questions related to vote counting and results.

How does the EVM go to the counting hall?

For this, all norms have to be followed at all times. If there is a long distance between the counting hall and the strong room, there should be barricading between the two. From where the EVMs will be taken to the counting hall. Additional CCTV cameras are installed on the counting day. Movement of EVMs from strong room to counting hall will be recorded to ensure no tampering. There are also many rules regarding the location of strong room and counting hall.

Responsibility of Returning Officer

The Returning Officer has the complete responsibility from delivering the EVM to the counting center to declaring the result. During counting, candidates are allowed to remain at the counting center with their counting agent or election agent. Counting agents oversee the entire process of vote counting. That officer unseals the EVM in front of the party agents before counting the votes.

How is the counting done?

First the postal ballot votes are counted. Then counting of EVM votes starts. A Returning Officer is present during the counting of all types of votes. If during the counting of votes, the EVM is damaged or any discrepancy is found in the VVPAT slip, the Returning Officer supervising the election will immediately inform the Election Commission.

How many rounds of counting?

A counting center has 14 tables. Besides, there is one table each for the Returning Officer and the Observer. A candidate or his agent is allowed to be present at the counting centre. Votes are counted in different rounds. Counting of votes will start from 8 am. First the postal ballot is counted. After half an hour, the counting of EVM votes starts. After each round the result statistics are announced through the loudspeaker. That is called attitude.

Limited entry in counting hall

Mobile phones are prohibited at the counting center. Only official cameras record videos. Media does not get entry there. Only Counting Supervisors, Counting Assistants and Micro-Observers, government employees engaged in election operations are allowed at the centre. In which the police and the minister are not involved. Candidates, Agents, Counting Agents These people can go to the counting hall.

Right to sit at the counting table

Special permission is given to sit on the counting table during the counting of votes. Counting officers are randomly selected at three stages. R.O. Employs counting staff. Some staff are kept in reserve. A supervisor resides at each counting table. And it is better if it has gazetted officer. One returning officer and one party agent sit at each table.

Comparison of votes with VVPAT required

VVPAT verification is mandatory in counting of votes. Votes are compared with VVPAT for transparency of counting. Without which it is difficult to declare the final result. Only the polling officer can access the VVPAT machine. According to the Supreme Court order, the VVPAT slips of only five polling booths in each assembly constituency are compared with the EVM votes. The result can be declared after VVPAT verification. If VVPAT slip and EVM count are not same then VVPAT slip is recalculated. Even if there is a difference in the figures, then the VVPAT vote count is considered final.

Where does the EVM go after counting?

After counting, where does the EVM go after the result? After all the votes are counted, the Returning Officer (RO) issues a victory certificate to the winning candidate. And if a candidate has doubts, he can demand re-polling within 45 days. Once the results are announced, all the EVMs are kept safe in the strong room. As in the beginning, the candidate or his representative is present apart from the Election Officer. His signature is also taken.

EVMs are kept in the same strong room after 45 days after declaration of election results. It is then shifted to a large storage room under tight security. Elections are taking place somewhere in the country. If necessary by removing the EVM from the storage room which is delivered to the place. Amidst all this, the Election Commission keeps checking the EVMs frequently.

How is the vote counted? Know Full Process

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