Famous Ukhana | Quiz | Interview Questions And Puzzle Games No. 3

Hello Readers Welcome to Gujarat Rojgar.In this puzzle games we have came up with New puzzle games. In previous slide we have already learned about to famous quizz ,puzzle games. SO lets start with new puzzle games

" Once in a collge one girls Enter into the room , StudentsvStarted Asking The name of this new students.
But she didnt tells anything about her name. But she written one Date : 12/01/2001 on black board. And told all the students that Find my name if any one of you are genious. ''

Students started to solve this Anser but they didnt solved out this puzzle
solve it out if you are genious.

Answer and Solution:

12 = L ( L is 12th No. alphabet)
01 = A ( A is  1st No. Alphabet )
20 = T ( T is the 20th No Alphabet )
01 = A ( A is the 1st No Alphabet )

So the Answer of this quiz puzzle Games is  LATA

Wasn't this puzzle so easy. share it with you friends and ask them 

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