Most Famous Ukhana |Quiz | Interview Questions And Puzzle NO.2

 Hello readers welcome to the our new puzzle |ukhana |braintest series with view to increase the knowledge of mankind we are going to start this series of famous world ukhana,quiz and several brain test You can find more this type of ukhana in this website so keep visiting our website for puzzles and quiz,

Most Famous Ukhana |Quiz | Interview Questions And Puzzle  NO.2
Two person are living side by side in one town , one is very rich and scond one is very poor, once pon a time both this person and his family were gone for his own work, no one inside the house. suddenly fire came across the house of both the person of rich and poor, After a few minutes police comes there. Now tell us Which fire will police try to fight first that of reach or that of poor ??????

Answer is very simple if you use your brain Think again and write your answer in comment box.

Answer : Police can not Extingush the fire , fire fighter Can work with it.  (આગ બુઝાવવા નું કામ ફાયર ફાઇટરનું છે. પોલીસનું નહીં )
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