Steps And HEalth Benefits Of Udgeeth And Bharmari Pranayam

The udgeeth pranayam is one of the easiest  pranayam amongst all.
according to yogsutra pranayam is a breathing exercise . it is the art of conscious breathing . udgeeth pranayam is the little investment of your time and energy on daily basis to reap the wonderful benefits .therefore one should give a little time to pranayam   specially to udgeeth pranayam and and yoga in your daily life. Udgeeth Pranayama entails primal sound reverberations to resonate and awaken the mind to its inherent, immense potential.
below are the steps to perform udgeeth pranayam.



  • First of all Sit on the  ground floor in padmasana position and Close your eyes, Your spine should be straight.
    • Now  Breathe deeply  through your nostrils  till diaphragm is full with air.
    • now exhale the air and chat the word omm chanting.
    • To make better chanting, do it with tanpura sound if you have.
    • chanting 'O' should be long and  'M' should be short.
    • repeat this procedure for 20-25 times .


    •  pranayam Effective against hypertension.
    • It calm the mind.
    • cleanse entire oura.
    • Helps to cure problem related to tridosha.
    • Helps to relieves tension, anger and anxiety.
    •  Excellent breathing exercises for meditation.
    • Effective against hypertension.
    •  Cures Insomnia and bad dreams.
    • Control the high B.P. problems and cure it.
    • Cures the problems related to the nervous system.

 It Improve memory power.


    Kapalbhati pranayam is the body cleansing pranayam. regular excersing of kapalbhati pranayam may able to remove some incurable disease from the roots. so let's cheek it out.
    steps and health benefits of kapalbhati pranayam


  • first  of all seat on the flat floor and fold both the legs.keep your body straight,and close the eyes.
  • keep your both the palm on your knee.
  • forcefully expel all of the air from the lungs with pushing diaphram upward.
  • during expulsion just visualize that negative energies and all the disease are coming out through my body.
  • now inhale slowly slowly, no need of any kind of pressure and effort in inhaling  as it is automatic process.during inhalation visualize that you are  taking fresh air with full of positive energy which is going to heal your  all disease .
  • repeat this procedure for 6-7 min. you can extend it to 10-15 min.but don't do more then 100 round in one seating. first of all  start it with 10 round and the you can gradually increase.



  1. It is useful to teat respiratory trouble and improve the function of lungs.
  2. It helps to cure asthma.
  3. Useful in constipation,and in acidity.
  4. .Helpful for diabetic patient,as it improve the function of pancreas.
  5. It removes toxins.
  6. helpful to reduce weight.
  7. It gives calming effect to brain and helps to increase concentration power.
  8. Helps to cure breast cancer.
  9. removes depression.
  10. Helpful to build up  positive energy
  11. Controll  hair fall
  12. In kidney disease

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