Ganga Vilas Cruise: Ticket Price, Booking & Route Map

Ganga Vilas Cruise: Ticket Price, Booking & Route Map : The luxury Ganga Vilas Cruise is the world's longest river cruise with state-of-the-art facilities. Which covers 50 important places from Varanasi to Dibrugarh in 17 rivers in 51 days with a long pilgrimage of 3200 kms. It is more than your dreams that shows art, culture, history, spirituality.

Ganga Vilas Cruise: Ganga Vilas Cruise was flagged off by our Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi through video conference from Ravighat in Varanasi. You will be tempted to join this mind-blowing journey but now you have to wait for a year as it is fully booked in advance till March 2024.

Ganga Villas Cruise has already departed with 31 lucky foreign nationals from America and Europe on the maiden voyage. It will also cover the borders of Bangladesh including five states. Which will make an unforgettable trip from Maa Ganga Aarti in Varanasi to Vaishnav Temple Mazuli Island, Kaziranga Sanctuary. Now let's know about Ganga Vilas ship.


MV Ganga Vilas River Cruise

MV Ganga Vilas Luxury Cruise is a river cruise. This luxury cruise ship is the first to be built in India. It is so magnificent, like a five star hotel floating on the river. It is the longest luxury passenger ship in the world. It is a perfect example of self-reliant India.

Its roof etc. is designed with wood. It has scenes of Indian cultural heritage, art and culture created using light colors like pink, red, white etc. It has 3 decks. There are 18 ultra-luxurious suites with a capacity of 36 passengers. We can see its panoramic views in the picture.

It will serve complete vegetarian food and fresh vegetables according to the region. It will also have nutritious drinks, meat and alcohol will not be available. There is also facility of massage parlor and on call doctor. Ganga vilas cruise ticket price for this cruise will be around 20 lakh rupees.


Ganga Vilas Cruise: Ticket Price, Booking & Route Map

Best Ganges River Cruise

Ganga Vilas Cruise from Ravighat of Varanasi was inaugurated and departed virtually by our Prime Minister Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi through video conference. Prime Minister Narendrabhai Modi said on this occasion that the development oriented projects being constructed in West Bengal and Bihar. This will increase many new possibilities of trade and tourism in East India.

Ma Gangaji is not a watercourse for us. But even in difficult circumstances, Mother Ganga has nourished crores of Indians. In earlier years the banks of Maa Ganga were neglected.We campaigned for cleanliness of Maa Ganga. This MV Ganga Vilas River Cruise will give a new opportunity to economic activities along the banks of the Ganges. All kinds of facilities will be made available for this grand journey to the border of Bihar, Assam, West Bengal and Bangladesh. He thanked all the foreign nationals who traveled on the cruise for the first time. He said that India has everything. Which you can imagine. You cannot describe India in words but you can feel India from the heart.

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