Google Messages App Download

Google Messages App Download | Do you know about the features of Android smartphones? There are many features that people still don't know about. Then one such feature is the message schedule.

Google keeps adding new features to its platform. The latest feature has been released for Android users. With its help, users can schedule text messages. That is, write the message and tell the time when to send it and the message will be sent automatically.

For example, you can schedule a message in advance on someone's birthday. You don't have to stay awake at night for this. You can do this using the Google Messaging app. This Google app is pre-installed in Android smartphones.

In this you will not only get simple messaging features but also many amazing features. However, now a large number of people use WhatsApp for messaging. This is the reason why many features of this app are not noticed by people.

How to schedule this message

First of all you have to go to Google Messages App. Later you have to type the message after going to the conversation. After which you have to press send button and wait. After waiting for some time you will see an option. In it you will get three default time options. Apart from that, you will also see the option to set time and time. Which has to be confirmed.

Can schedule any message

This way you can schedule any message. The user is also given the option to edit the schedule message as well as send and delete it instantly. So very easily you can schedule any message on android smart phone.

Google Messages App Download

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