Your awesome avatar will now appear in WhatsApp DP, this new feature is absolutely amazing

Your awesome avatar will now appear in WhatsApp DP, this new feature is absolutely amazing | WhatsApp is now coming with a new feature with the help of which you can set avatar in your profile photo as well. WhatsApp avatars digitally express your mood to friends and family through a profile picture.



  • WhatsApp is bringing a new feature
  • You can put avatar on DP according to mood
  • The security system will also be improved

A great feature has come in whatsapp. Due to this feature, adding a profile picture has become more exciting. This new feature of WhatsApp is called 'Avatar'. With the help of this feature, users can now show their favorite avatar in profile picture to friends and family.

How to set avatar

The user should go to the settings of WhatsApp and click on the avatar with digital expression. In which stickers of various avatars will appear which the user can set as profile picture. WAbetaInfo, a company that tracks WhatsApp updates, tweeted about this new feature.

The company shared the screenshot on Twitter

WAbetaInfo shared a screenshot in a tweet. In this screenshot you can see a new sticker pack of your avatar. After a new update, WhatsApp automatically creates a new sticker pack and you can easily share it with friends and family. This profile picture can be created and set in any way according to your mood.

Beta users are getting a new feature

According to WAbetaInfo, the company is currently rolling out this feature only to certain beta users. The stable version of this feature will be rolled out for global users after the beta testing is over. If you are also a beta tester, you will find this avatar option in the settings of WhatsApp and you can use it.

Screenshots of photos and videos will be blocked

This upcoming feature of WhatsApp can prove to be very useful for security and privacy of users. This feature was in demand for a long time. A screenshot of a photo video marked as view once cannot be taken after its rollout. The company has rolled out this feature to some Android beta testers.

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