A Repair Estimate Of Rs 22 Lakh For A Car Worth Rs 11 Lakh Puzzles Internet

A Repair Estimate Of Rs 22 Lakh For A Car Worth Rs 11 Lakh Puzzles Internet | When the company came to know that the situation was out of control, they settled for only 5 thousand rupees. This action was taken when people went astray on the company.



  • The repair bill is bigger than the price of the car
  • The customer lashed out at the company
  • 22 lakhs repair bill for 11 lakhs car

A surprising incident has come to light in Bangalore, Karnataka. Where a person had given his car to the service center for repair. Both the customer and the company were shocked to hear the amount that was billed at the service center. The cost of repairing the car rises even higher than the original cost of the car. The repair bill of 11 lakhs car became 22 lakhs, the customer got angry.

22 lakh repair bill of 11 lakh car

  • This incident is from Bangalore. The name of the car owner ie customer is Anirudh Ganesh. He gave his car worth 11 lakhs to the service center for repairs. The repairing center billed him 22 lakhs. Anirudh Ganesh works as a project manager at Amazon. He sent his car to the service center as he had some problems with it.


Car broke down after torrential rain

  • According to sources, all this happened when Bangalore had recently received torrential rains. After that, when Anirudh Ganesh's car suffered a lot of damage, he sent his car to the repair center and Anirudh got a huge bill from the center.

Contacted the insurance company

  • The cost of the car was around Rs 11 lakh, but the repair center sent a bill of Rs 22 lakh. When the customer protested, the service center demanded Rs 44,840 from him in return for preparing documents for the damaged car. Anirudh Ganesh was shocked to see this. After this he also contacted the insurance company.

He sent an e-mail to the company management and reported his problem. After this, when the company realized that the situation was getting out of hand, it finally calmed down the incident for just five thousand rupees. Now that he has shared his story on social media, people are also angry with the company. 

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