magic slate app download 2023 free

magic slate app download 2023 free

our Magic Slate supports several ways to draw and apply color with brush strokes, you can use the brush tool to draw a stroke and also use different brush strokes such as outer glow, inner glow, emboss, and shapes, select the brush size tool and adjust the size of a brush.

Of course, sometimes we make a mistake on drawing that you worked so hard, there's an easy way to undo the changes and redo the things you accidentally undo.

This application helps to practice drawing images with multi colors and write letters and numbers, this app makes you develop an interest in painting and creative thinking.



Key Features of this Application 

  • This app design makes it more attractive to kids
  • Magic Slate drawing and writing board with multicolor
  • A digital slate where you can write, draw and clear
  • It’s a free app and an off-line app
  • Kids can learn to draw or writing alphabets and numbers
  • Save your kids drawings on your mobile
  • Kids can begin their study with this amazing application
  • Multiple brush sizes are available to choose.


Sorcery Slate has been intended to closely resemble a customary record, board or blackboard yet for certain cool impacts and elements. This application will assist your youngster with learning letter sets, numbers, shapes, varieties and parcel more. Your children can look over a few of shaded chalk pieces and can have loads of tomfoolery doodling around and learn all the while.

Need to introduce your child the delight of utilizing a record short the chalk dust? Enchantment Slate HD is here to do precisely that!

Magic Slate has been designed to look just like a regular slate, blackboard or chalkboard but with some cool effects and features. Magic Slate lets your child draw and doodle just about anything he/she feels like and triggers your child’s imagination and creativity. This educational app will help your child learn alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors and lot more. Your kids can choose from several of colored chalk pieces and can have a lot of fun doodling around and learn in the process.

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