Talati Online Test : Computer

Hello dear candidates! Computer quiz for your upcoming talati examination. This quiz is very helpful for your exams. In this quiz 15 questions are given. One question 1 marks. This quiz is 15 marks quiz. Computer quiz is making for you because in all competitive exams these topic 5-6 questions are asked. Computer quiz questions are already asked in some competitive exams. So this questions are you remember and its helpful to you. Keep visiting GujaratRojgar.In for more Police constable and talati online test. 

Now we are in the world of technology. Every one using mobile phones, Internet, Computers and many electronic devices for their personal use and official use. Now a days companyare making these all devices using latest technology to improve user satisfaction and increase their sales. So it is very mandatory to know what technology they are using and what and all spare parts using etc. This section provides the information input and output devices of a computer, Keyboard shortcuts, Computer abbreviations, Miscellaneous and more. If you want to get any government job we are providing good material with solutions. Try here and get the solution. Below is the list of exams where you will see computer knowledge questions. Not only this examinations we have so many exams where you will find out computer related questions. This is the very easy topic and you will get more marks. The time required for attempt this sections is too low compared to other category questions.

Subject : Computer 

Total Marks : 15

Total Questions : 15

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