Logical Reasoning Puzzle with Answer : 10

Hello aspirants! This is very interesting maths logical reasoning question which will make you scratch your mind head. In this maths logical puzzle, there are some number equations which are mathematically incorrect. However, these number equations follow a certain logical pattern. Your challenge is to decode the logical reasoning hidden in these equations and then solve the last equations to find the missing number. Keep visiting GujaratRojgar.In for more maths and reasoning puzzle, study materials and also job updates. Let us see if you solve this logic puzzle in maths?

Now that you know the benefits of challenging your mind by trying to solve maths puzzles, you are just about ready to try and solve today's collection of super fun maths riddles.   



Answer is 171
If AB = ? Then the answer is (A+B)(Difference of A and B)
So 89 = (8+9)(9-8) = 171

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