Test Your Brain : Solve This American Quiz Puzzle

 Hello, Readers , Is Your IQ is high , Don't know ? Want to test it ? .then here is the puzzle for you to sharpen your mind 

Thia puzzle contains one questions Related to some food grains . I personally asked to many people. And I surprise that only few people are able to answer this puzzle.

One tkme I thought that we people needs some more knowldge to solve this type of Puzzle.normalyy in European country specialy in America .people are crazy about this type of puzzles .

So we need to focus more on this type of puzzle to sharpen our child's mind .

Puzzle Questions : 

Tell me the Name oF One food Grains word Through Which If we Remove 

  • First Letter Then it Shines
  • If We Remove Second Leeter Then It Open Up
  • And If We Remove third Letter Then it flies. 





 Wondering ? Think it And Write your Answer in commnet box then chek answer.

Answer : BAAJRI (બાજરી )

The true Answer is Bajari if we removes Ba, then it's kari ( shines )

If we removes Ja, then it's window 

And if we re move Ri then it's baaj ( can Fly )


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