Gujarati Koyda ( ukhana ) With Answer No .7

 Hello friends Welcome again in the series of Gujarati ukhana with answer or gujarati koyda with answer You can scroll down our more gujarati ukhana with answer through below link click here
we have uploaded 6 gujarati ukhana with answer till now now the 7 th No of gujarati ukhana with answer is going on so let start this brain puzzle og gujarati koyda

Gujarati koyda or ukhana or paheli no. 7

Questions :

A is the Father of The B , But B is not the Son of The A ? How It is possible Think And Give you logical answer here below

Answer :
Answer is very simple Of that questions A is the father of B , But B is not the son of the A

Because B is Girl !! She is daughter of the A. Isn't it very simple ukhana

Dear students this brain quiz sometimes actiate your minds and give best excercise your brain and it keeps active to your brain so keep visiting our gujarati ukhana section regularly to keep activating your brain

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