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 Computer one liner question pdf is important subject for it 's  various kind of exam.Here we have uploaded the pdf regarding one line question related to computer .YOu can also download computer parichay book from here. 



PC is a machine that can be told to do successions of math or coherent activities naturally by means of PC programming. Present day PCs can follow summed up arrangements of activities, called programs. These projects empower PCs to play out an incredibly wide scope of undertakings. A "total" PC including the equipment, the working framework (fundamental programming), and fringe hardware required and utilized for "full" activity can be alluded to as a PC framework. This term should be utilized for a gathering of PCs that are associated and cooperate, specifically a PC organization or PC bunch.

Early PCs were just considered as ascertaining gadgets. Since antiquated occasions, straightforward manual gadgets like the math device helped individuals in doing computations. From the get-go in the Industrial Revolution, some mechanical gadgets were worked to computerize long repetitive errands, for example, controlling examples for looms. More complex electrical machines did particular simple counts in the mid twentieth century. The principal computerized electronic ascertaining machines were created during World War II. The principal semiconductor semiconductors in the last part of the 1940s were trailed by the silicon-based MOSFET (MOS semiconductor) and solid incorporated circuit (IC) chip advancements in the last part of the 1950s, prompting the microchip and the microcomputer upheaval during the 1970s. The speed, force and flexibility of PCs have been expanding significantly since the time at that point, with MOS semiconductor checks expanding at a quick speed (as anticipated by Moore's law), prompting the Digital Revolution during the late twentieth to mid 21st hundreds of years.

computer oneliner question Pdf Download  in gujarati from below paragraph .PCs are utilized as control frameworks for a wide assortment of modern and customer gadgets. This incorporates straightforward unique reason gadgets like microwaves and controllers, manufacturing plant gadgets, for example, mechanical robots and PC supported plan, and furthermore broadly useful gadgets like PCs and cell phones, for example, cell phones. The Internet is run on PCs and it interfaces a huge number of different PCs and their clients.
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