Gujarati Ukhana With Answer Pdf Book Download 2020

Gujarati Ukhana With Answer Pdf Book Download 2020

Gujarati Ukhana Is Very Famous and Popular one on all ages of people. Here we are going to re memorize some of best gujarati ukhana with answer. till now we haven't seen exact sources of Gujarati Ukhana With Answer Pdf Book on internet . Due to that we had to done harder work to accumulate all the famous gujarati ukhana .

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You will Never get such type of gujarati ukhana Anywhere .Official website to download gujarati ukhana with answer pdf book is  so without westing the time lets start gujarati ukhana quiz 
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About Gujarati Ukhana  
 All information has been taken from different blogs and websitesAfter the reconstruction and collection of all pagesWe have  compiled it By own.
All This collection of ukhana is useful to students and teachers,
Children and the elderly one.
In this gujarati ukhana the poet or the creator of gujarati ukhana is asking us bit a tough question that " What's that To Whome You can catch through left hand but not through right hand"  ? 

Any gueses ?  write your answer on comment box i will reply you as soon as possible and also i will give you a right answer of this ukhana 
To chek right answer of this gujarati ukhana go to
Answer is : Your Right hand 

Explanation: The Explanation is very simple You can catch or pick your right hand through left hand but you can not catch your right hand with your right hand . Isn;t it mind bubbling ukhana 

Puzzle no.: 2:-

Michael 's mother have three son MAY ,JUNE THEN What's is the Name Of The third son ??

Answer : 

Answer is very simple Third persons Name is Michale It self.

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More Gujarati Ukhana/koyda/Paheli  With Answer Pdf Book Download .

Gujarati Ukhana Pdf


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