Google terminates thousand of YouTube channels in China, Russia, Brazil

Google terminates thousand of YouTube channels in China, Russia, Brazil - Not just a few, but thousands of YouTube channels have been removed from Google's platform. Why Google took such a big step, let's know...

  • Google bans 5197 YouTube channels
  • Social strike on China-Russia and Brazil
  • Know why Google banned

If you also like to watch videos on the video streaming platform YouTube, let us tell you for your information that Google has recently taken a big action and removed thousands of YouTube channels. Google has removed these YouTube accounts operating from Russia, China and Brazil during an investigation related to a coordinated influence operation.


Russia connection

Not only in China, Google has also directed 718 YouTube channels off its platform during its investigation into coordinated influence operations, meaning that these channels have been removed.

Google says the campaign was linked to the Internet Research Agency, or IRA, which was sharing Russian-language content. The campaign was critical of Ukraine and supportive of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Connection with Brazil

Not only China and Russia but Google has also removed 76 YouTube channels from Brazil from its platform. The campaign that was going on here was sharing content in Brazilian Portuguese and this content was supporting Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

Google said that 8 YouTube channels have been removed and 2 domains have been blocked from appearing in Google News and Discover.

Google has removed so many YouTube channels

Importantly, Google has removed 5 thousand 197 YouTube channels and 17 blogger blogs due to an investigation into a coordinated influential operation related to China. Google wrote in its blog post that these blogs and YouTube channels were uploading spam content related to entertainment, music and lifestyle in Chinese. Not only this, very small content in Chinese and English was also uploaded on these channels regarding the foreign affairs of China and America.

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