19 Reasons Smartphones Can Explode
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19 Reasons Smartphones Can Explode


19 Reasons Smartphones Can Explode - In a recent case, a 13-year-old boy in Mathura was playing a game while plugging his mobile into a charger and it exploded. The minor sustained serious head and hand injuries and had to be admitted to hospital for treatment. There have been many such incidents in the past where a person has been seriously injured due to a mobile phone catching fire or a battery exploding. Then there are some things that we can avoid such an incident by taking care of. What is the reason for fire in mobile phones? Why does mobile phone battery explode? How to avoid such incidents? Click on the photo above to understand all these details.

First of all, let's know how to avoid the blast and why the battery explodes?

  • Always use original charger only
  • Do not use fake or duplicate chargers
  • Put the phone aside when it heats up
  • Do not leave the phone on charge overnight
  • Charge only when the phone's battery is 20 percent or less
  • Never charge the phone and use it
  • Overloading can also cause a blast

Now let's know if the phone gives any indication before such a blast?

  • Phone screen blur or darkness
  • Phone hangs frequently, processing becomes slow
  • The phone heats up excessively while talking on a call

A phone battery is like a rubber band. If you pull too much it will break, if you charge too much it will cause damage and also increase the chance of the battery exploding.

19 Reasons Smartphones Can Explode


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