8th July 2022 Importance of the Day
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8th July 2022 Importance of the Day


8th July 2022 Importance of the Day

Highlights of July 8:


17 - Vasco da Gama begins his first voyage from Europe to India.

19 - After the fall of Gwalior Fort, Lord Canning declares peace.

1914 - The Montagu-Chelmsford Report is published to amend the Indian Constitution.

18 - Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurates the largest canal on the Bhakra Nangal Hydroelectric Project on the Sutlej River.

14 - Thousands of temples are destroyed and lives and property are badly damaged in the Bagan earthquake in Myanmar.

19 - Shimaki Mukai becomes Japan's first female astronaut.

19 - Papua New Guinea (Pacific) Prime Minister Bill Scott resigns.

2005 - South Africa abolishes quota system for black cricketers.

2005 - A plane crash in Sudan kills 116 people.

2005 - Group of Seven countries agree on the issue of climate change.

2005 - The Paris government proposes to grant honorary citizenship to controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen.

2013 - Catastrophic floods in Assam kill more than 200 wild animals, including 12 rhinos, in the world-famous Kaziranga National Park.

Persons born on July 8:

19 - Sourav Ganguly - Captain of the Indian cricket team.

13 - Neetu Singh - Hindi film actress.

13 - Gegong Apang - was an Indian politician from Arunachal Pradesh.

12 - Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy was a politician of the Indian National Congress who was the 13th Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

13 - Giriraj Kishore - Famous Hindi novelist, strong storyteller, playwright and critic.

1919 - Jyoti Basu - Indian Marxist politician, Chief Minister of West Bengal.

1917 - Banarasi Das - Indian freedom fighter.

12 - P.S. Kumaraswamy Raja - was a politician of the Indian National Congress.

Died July 5:

2015 - M. like this. Jacob - Indian National Congress politician.

2005 - Chandrasekhar Singh - 11th Prime Minister of India.


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