How to Protect Your Account from Hackers - 2022 Tips

How to Protect Your Account from Hackers - 2022 Tips

How to Protect Your Account from Hackers - 2022 Tips : In today's world of social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp come to the forefront as there are 293 crore Facebook users in the world and out of them 120 crore daily active users are found on Facebook platform and 26 crore with facebook users. India is at the forefront of the world if the number of daily active users on the Instagram platform is 200 million worldwide. As such, India is at the forefront of the world with 250 million instagram users. Now when it comes to whatsapp, India is at the forefront of the world with 200 million users. Thus, based on statistics, one thing is clear that India is number one in the number of Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp users in the world.

In addition, if we talk about the common users of Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp in India, it is around 150 million. With such a large number of users connected to these three social media platforms, it is natural for anyone to think about how to take advantage of it The same cyber criminals are already operating a certain type of mods that try to take advantage of the platform where the internet traffic is high.

At present cyber criminals are trying to entice active users on social media platforms all over Gujarat using various mods operandi. The main purpose of cyber criminals is to hack internet users To abuse.

How to block if WhatsApp account?

  • Two step verification is to be done on your whatsapp account
  • Call the mobile number from which the message was received and check if they have actually sent the message.
  • Never share a 6 digit code under any circumstances i.e. captivated by emotions
  • If the code is shared by mistake then login to whatsapp account again.
  • If the control of whatsapp account is not regained then contact the help center from whatsapp application and report all things to whatsapp. It may take up to seven days to regain control of the account during this process.

instagram and facebook hack operanding

Nowadays Cyber ​​Cell sends a certain type of text message to the user's messenger and inside the message box of the Instagram account. This type of information is given inside the message. You are in this video or it is said that you are in this video and with Users are also informed about this. To watch the video, you have to click on the link provided with the video. When someone clicks on the link above, the login page for instagram is displayed somewhere. Somewhere in a panic or curiosity when someone enters their real user ID and password inside such phishing page then no other details or videos appear on this webpage and do not open as a result when trying three times and failed This is actually an e-cyber trick by us with the intention of giving user ID and password in Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as a kind of phishing link.

What to do if such a fake link is clicked

First of all, friends and relatives have been informed about the account hacking so that your account is not misused and attempts to defame you or collect money from friends may not be successful by cyber criminals. You will need to report that your account has expired and then it is important to make efforts to regain control of your account or account too. In order to prevent such attacks, you need to have factor authentication with your account now.



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