BMI Calculator India 2022
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BMI Calculator India 2022


BMI Calculator India 2022 

With this ad-free BMI Calculator you can calculate and evaluate your Body Mass Index (BMI) based on the relevant information on body weight, height, age and sex. Check your body stats to find your ideal weight, because overweight and obesity are risk factors for diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. It can also be used to find your healthy weight if you want to lose weight or are on diet. More information about BMI classification which is used by the BMI Calculator is available on the website of the World Health Organization (WHO).


BMI (Body Mass Index) OK or not, where is the BMI calculator used?

The weight of a healthy person should be according to his height and what are the criteria for that. If the multiplication of your height and weight is called BMI and different calculators come to measure it. It is important to know what formula works and where it needs to be used.

What is the formula of body mass index?

There is a general formula for calculating BMI and for this one has to calculate his weight and height exactly.
Have to drop. After which BMI = weight (height x height) or BMI = weight / (length square)

What are the criteria for BMI?

If a person's BMI index is less than 18.5 depending on their height and weight, it is lower than normal. If the BMI session is between 18.5 and 24.9 then the situation is quite good. Caution should be exercised if the BMI level is 25 or higher. Such people are afraid of getting heart disease, stroke, diabetes. Having a BMI over 30 makes your body more susceptible to obesity-related illnesses.

For whom is the use of BMI calculator not suitable?

BMI is not suitable for pregnant women, the elderly and young children. Also, BMI should not be used for bodybuilders and athletes. The big reason is that he is not able to do the calculations properly in this case. The reason behind this is that BMI cannot understand muscle differently. For example, the weight of a pregnant fetus depends not only on its weight but also on the weight of the baby growing in its womb.

If your BMI index is less than 18.5 depending on your height and weight then the weight is less than normal and needs to be increased. The ideal level of BMI is considered to be between 18.5 and 24.9. People whose BMI falls between these levels need to be maintained. There is a need to be careful when it comes to BMI of 25 or above. This is because those with a BMI level are afraid of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease or stroke. If you have a BMI of more than 30, the side effects of obesity are a big risk to your body.

What is the problem or limitation of BMI?

The basis of a healthy body and its measure weight cannot be BMI alone. Age, gender and sex also affect BMI. BMI is considered to be your body length and weight ratio. BMI can tell if your body is fit according to height. However, BMI does not know which part of your body has accumulated fat.

According to experts, BMI requires a measure of healthy body weight but it has some limitations. BMI cannot assess a person's overall body composition. Everyone's body is different because of the muscle, bone weight and fat and it is not fair to say whether the body is healthy based on the criteria BMI alone.

Why are BMI limits different for adults?

As we told you earlier about BMI, this is not entirely accurate. BMI is a measure of excess body weight. It does not detect excess fat in the body. Factors such as age, gender, muscle and body fat have an effect on BMI.

An example of this is the body weight of an adult according to BMI criteria. But if he does not exercise or work out in his daily routine, he is likely to accumulate extra fat in his body. In this condition, even if he does not have excess weight in his body and he is in ideal condition based on his BMI level, he cannot be considered healthy. A young person with a high BMI muscle structure will be considered healthy. Thus there are different limits of body mass index for adults.

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