Gujarat Rojgar Quiz No 9 : Gpsc/Bin Sachivalay/ Constable Quiz

 Hello Aspirant This Online Quiz Contains several question related to police constable,Gpsc ,Bin Sachivalay And Other class 3 Related Exams.We feels proud to share this amazing Questions Related to the competative exams. We proudly serving free education every where.

this quiz contains several questions related to  Gujarat No itihas Ane Mahagujarat Andolan.
If We go Through the history of gujarat began with stone age  followed by chalcolithic and bronze age. And then so we all know that how our history was writtten.ther are certain rulres who rules gujarat greatly they had build up the many empires specially junagadh fort, rankivav,modhera temple,and many more. the maha gujarat andolan is the movement taken place after the independce of india . the main reason of thiis movement was the bifercation of the two states from Maharashtra And to build new states of gujarat . Ther were seveal leader who was in favour of new state formation of gujarat , like indulal yagnik, and many more while several other leaders like morarji desai was against through this descion.In this quiz we are gona learn several things in the quiz so lates play the quiz of gujarat no itihas and maha gujarat andolan.

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Gujarat Rojgar Quiz No : 9
subject : Gujarat No Itihas Ane Mahagujarat Andolan
Total Questions :25


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