Kisan sarvoday yojana Gujarat
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Kisan sarvoday yojana Gujarat


 Kisan Sarvoday Yojana Gujarat  has been launched by Gujarat government to provide electricity to all farmers during day time. Earlier This yojana was named as  Dinkar Yojana.

kisan sarvoday yojana

 Kisan Sarvoday Yojana Gujarat 2020

The change in the scheme name from Dinkar Yojana to Kisan Sarvoday Yojana became known on 20 Oct 2020 in a government release. Dinkar is the Gujarati word for the sun and scheme was announced by Gujarat govt. in last state budget.

With the total expenditure of around Rs. 3,500 crore, the state govt. has plan to provide electricity to all farmers for agricultural purposes during daytime by 2022.

 The 1st phase of the scheme was  launched by PM Narendra Modi on 24 October 2020.

Gujarat Kisan Sarvoday Yojana 2020 Phase 1

In the first phase of the Kisan Sarvoday Yojana, around 1,055 villages of Dahod, Junagadh and Gir Somnath districts will start getting electricity for agriculture purposes in the daytime. The scheme targets around 17.25 lakh farmers in the Gujarat state. Under the scheme, farmers will get electricity in 2 slots of eight hours each between 5 am and 9 pm.

It has been a long pending demand of farmers in Gujarat to get electricity for agriculture purposes during daytime. Farmers requires regular power supply since they risk exposure to poisonous insects and wild animals in the fields during night hours, among other reasons.

Implementation of Kisan Sarvoday Yojana Gujarat 1st Phase

As per the release, there are total of around 17.25 lakh agriculture power connections which are divided into 153 groups in the Gujarat state. These groups are getting 3 phase power connections for eight hours in 24 hours. These groups get power supply in such a manner that some get power supply for 8 hours in day, some get power supply in night and some get power supply partially in day and partially in night. Their turns rotate every week.

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