Green tea is a rich sources of antioxidants an several healthy minerals.In short it's a powerhouse of energy.Millions of people are drinking green tea as healthy drink in their routine life. There is a rare evidence of green tea side effects.One should drink green tea in a moderation way so that it can't harm our body.We can't avoid green tea due to it's healthiest benefits.But those people who are sensitive to caffeine and tannis they should drink less green tea .We have listed some green tea side effects topics .So lets check it out. 


Green tea contains high amount of caffeine.When green tea taken in empty stomach in higher doses It may creat some problem for you.It increases production of acids in stomach, Which causes constipation,diarrhea and peptic ulcers.This secreted acids some times moves through your blood and blocks the nerves route signaling .Which causes direct headache problem.

Precautions & Care:

  • Avoid drinking green tea if you have a migrain problem.
  • Avoid drinking green tea on empty stomach.
  • drink green tea on moderate basis.
  • If you have ibs problem then avoid green tea.
  • Always brew green tea with warm water.
  • Always drink green tea with snacks or drink after your meal.

2. Vomiting

.Excessive drinking of green tea can causes nausea and vomiting.Green tea contains tannins which is directly linked to nausea and vomiting.

Precautions & Care:

Avoid consuming more then 3 cups of green tea.

3. Insomnia Problems 

Green tea contains small amount of caffeine. But those people who are sensitive to caffeine may phase insomnia related problem.
Green tea also contains l-theanine which induces calm but also increases alertness and focus.

4. Anemia and Iron Deficiency

Green tea is rich sources of antioxidants.Higher amount of it  disrupts the 
absorption process of iron in body.Those people who are  suffering from 
anemia or other iron related disease may   stop drinking green tea until he/she
  doesn't get well.To overcome this green tea side effects you can squeeze one 
lemon in your green tea.Vitamin C presents in lemon helps to increase absorption 
of iron into the body.

5.Liver Disease.

More then 4-5 cups of Green tea may be harm full to your body.In longer time it may shrink liver and may causes liver related disease.To Avoid this side effects of green tea one must lower down green tea taking to 2-3 cups a day.

6.Bone disease

Excessive consumption of green tea may leads to your bone damage in longer way.Certain ingredients presents in green tea inhibits the calcium absorption.As a result it deteriorate the bone health .To over come this green tea side effects Reduce intake of green tea,or start taking calcium supplements,or else drink more milk.
7.Pregnancy and child risk

One must stop taking green tea during pregnancy.As you all know that green tea contains high amount tannin's,Caffeine and catechin.All of these are risk takers during pregnancy .One must drink not more then 1cup of green tea during the pregnancy. And one should maintain 180mg level of caffeine in body.

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