Constipation is a one kind of disturbance in the digestive tract .If this constipation treatments couldn't treated timely then it may even spoil you routine life.Normally in constipation,stools presents in the bowl can not evacuated completely when they move. Furthermore It releases toxins which affects vital organ of our body resulting in causes of various diseases.In this post we are going to discuss about 15 home remedies for constipation

Causes of constipation

    • Wrong diet
    • faulty lifestyle
    • irregular eating habits
    • Lack of roughage (fruits and vegetables) in diet
    • Insufficient intake of water
    • Sedentary lifestyle


    • Difficulty in passing motion
    • Painful and hard stools
    • Irregularity in motion cycles
    • Coated tongue
    • ulcers in mouth
    • bad breath
    • loss of appetite
    • dizziness
    • nausea
    • Dark circles under the eyes
    •  pimples on face
    • depression, and insomnia
  • Bloated abdomen and diarrhea which may alternate with constipation

15 Home remedies for constipation treatments.

Here we are going to share top 15 home remedies for constipation treatments.so lets check it out

1.Eat pear fruits

Pear fruits is very well known as a nashpati. It contains high amount of fibers.It helps to regulates the bowl movement.Eating one pear fruit daily after dinner is highly effective for constipation treatments

2.Guava fruits

Eating Guava fruit is another effective way to treat constipation. Guavas are an excellent source of dietary fiber. Therefore, eating more guavas may help to aid in healthy bowel movements. guava when eaten with seeds  provides roughage to the diet and helps in the normal evacuation of the bowels. One or two guavas should be eaten daily for constipation treatments


Grapes is proved to be a best home remedies for constipation treatments.Grapes contains cellulose, sugar and organic acids Which makes them a laxative food .They also tone up stomach and intestine and give complete relief from constipation. Intake of 80-120 gm of grapes on daily basis is advisable to achieve the desired results.

If grapes is not available around you then you can even try dried grapes known as raisins.To prepare it ,Add some raisins in water and keep it for one day or overnight.Drink the whole water in which grapes have been soaked and also eat that raisins.take it at empty stomach early in the morning.

4. Bael fruit

Bael  fruits is one of the well known spiritual and religious fruit having laxative property .Due to its soothing effects on the digestive system. it leads to reduce the acidity level in the stomach thus useful in combating ulcers like gastric ulcers, gastrointestinal ulcers, etc.Eating one bale fruit regularly before dinner, for few months can able to cure constipation completely.

5.Orange fruit.

e orange fruits offers 4 grams of fiber for just 86 calories.It contain a flavonol called naringenin,
acts like an laxative to help treating  constipation.  
On which Daily intake of one orange fruit in the morning or in a bedtime is an excellent way of stimulating bowl and for constipation treatments .It helps to cleans entire colon.

6. Anjeer fruits or figs fruit.

figs fruit is one of the widely used dried fruits having laxative property.It is a great sources of fibers and full of vitamins and minerals.Due to its laxative property it is beneficial for constipation treatments ,indigestion and piles related problems .

7.Papaya fruit.

papaya is a tropical fruits having great presence of nutrients and antioxidants.It contains an enzyme called a  papain, which helps to aids digestion.Papaya Rich with fibers and water content.  both of these helpful for constipation treatments and to promote regularity and a healthy digestive tract.

8.Warm water&lemon juice.

By drinking plenty of water one can easily get rid of from constipation trouble. But here we suggests to drink warm water instead of normal water .By Drinking One glass of warm water with half squeeze lemon juice into it early in the morning,May completely able to treat disease related to constipation.One should avoid drinking water immediately after a meal.

9.Copper vessel water.

copper vessel water is highly beneficial for our health and it is used since ancient era.It kills the bacteria, purifies the water, balance  pH and ionize it. So basically it boosts our immune system,it provides the vitality and  removes the oxidants from our body.It helps to balance doshas (Kapha, Vat and Pitta) of our body. 
Pour 1-2 glass of water in copper vessel and keep these vessel aside overnight  and drink it early morning. 1-2 glass is preferable to drink .It will help to give relief from constipation

10.Caster oil.

Caster oil is one of the highly preferred oil comes in top lists of laxatives.It is well know for its immediate laxive effect.A components presents in the casteroil, when passes through the intestine breakdowns in substances .Which helps to stimulate large and small intestine,One to two tea spoon is preferable at empty stomach .

11. Excercise.

Daily 15 minute walk can helps to regularize, bowl movement and trouble of constipation.It helps the food to move on from your stomach and tends to give better digestion .One should avoid lying down after taking a meal .Instead of it start walking for 10-15 minute.

12.Mint and ginger

Mint and ginger tea is another natural way to get rid of from constipation. mint contains menthol , which has an antispasmodic effect that relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract. While Ginger is a “warming” herb that stimulates  insides of the body to generate more heat which ads in digestion.


Mixture of Three giant herb harade,amla,and baheda is well known for its fastes and safe constipation treatments.and is widely used around the word.


Harad, or black myroblan, is an important compound in triphala. It is known to be a potent laxative (an astringent and lubricant within the stomach), which further helps in loosening the stools, reducing the chances of serious complications.


Amla has laxative and cooling properties.It helps to cool the inner lining of the stomach and helps to reduces inflammation. It soothen the burning sensation that irritates the stomach. Amla is generally a healthy food that can boost your overall health.


Bibhitaki is a natural laxative and contains dietary fibres, which are digestive agents that fight against constipation.

14.Olive oil.

Fats presents in Olive oil helps to smoothen the inner side of the bowl.As a result it makes easier for stools to pass out from the intestine. It can also help the stool hold in more water, keeping it softer. One tablespoon of olive oil, taken on an empty stomach in the morning, may prove to be a one of the best home remedies for constipation treatments.

15.Kiwi fruit.

Kiwi is a berry.it contains edible seeds.The luscious green flesh of the kiwi is helpful for constipation. One medium kiwi has about 2.5 grams of fiber and lots of vitamins and nutrients that are important for good health, including the intestines.

So let me to complete our topic of  15 HOME REMEDIES FOR CONSTIPATION TREATMENTS. If you find any best way you can contact us we are always ready to serve healthier posts.

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