What is fear and anxiety ?

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions.It creates strong signal during some emergencies,or in some invents.many of us have faced this situation during some events like exams,public meeting,in functions,or even in party. Anxiety is a word similar to that of fear,In this conditions person start worrying about either his past or about his future. It is one type of fear that we pre-assume that what will happen in future. we can also say that it is one type of regression that whatever we have did in past.

How much long it takes to get rid off from anxiety and fear.

We may get rid off from anxiety and fear within a short span of time.But it depends on How much  stronger signal of fear and anxiety you have witnessed .In some cases it may last for longer period of time and if you don't try to overcome this situation then it may be proven dangerous to your health.

What happens actually in anxiety and fear.

If you stucked in with anxiety and fear then it may adversely affect your routine life.like to study, eat,sleep,Even you can not feel satisfactory with your social life present around you.In this case you will try to prefer to stay alone.
below are some things that might be happen during anxiety and fear.

    • Dizziness.
    • Unable to concentrate on any objects.
    • You may breathe very fast.
    • Increases the rate of heart beats.
    • Your muscles feel weak.
    • Sweating.
    • Loose bowl.
    • headache.
    • You can not eat,sleep,properly.
    • tense muscles.
Above mentioned problems start happening when you sense about fear.And your body gets start to prepare for that fear sense of emergency.It makes your blood flow to muscles and gives you mental ability to focus on that emergency threat.

Causes of anxiety and fear.

    • Exams.
    • New job or school.
    • Injury or illness.
    • Family problem.
    • Death.
    • Incurable diseases.
  • And too many little little things that creates negativity  emergency,and critical conditions.

How to overcome through anxiety and fear.

1. Start meditation.

Start doing meditations. Meditation will helps you to concentrate your mind on specific object .rather then to create more negativity it will help you to find out the way to overcome from danger situation by giving peacefulness.

2.Stop worrying .

Forget your past,we can not change it .with repetitive worrying about past may lead to anxiety and fear .we can not change our past ,But yes by learning through past we can make brighter future and we may stop those mistakes which we have did in past .by worrying and by getting anxious you will get nothing .

3.Know yourself who you are.

Think that your the one to whom god has given lots of thing then that of any other live species .Don't Focus on  any factor which affects you seriously.As we born with empty handed and will die with same .so why to worry about little little thing going around us.ups and downs are the part of life.set your goal and desire and think that, to reach to mine destiny i have to face too many problems and i will come out from that troubles by relaxing moods not by worrying.

4.Make a diary.

List it out the factor that causes and gives strength to  anxiety.Keep a record of that, why it happens and when it happens .try to focus on that and and try to be away from that factor.

5.Healthy eating.

Eat lot of fresh fruits and vegetables .try to avoid intake of too much sugars,tea,and caffeinated drinks.

6.Avoid cigarette and alcohol.

We have heard that alcohol is a friend of nervous people .but in longer run of time it may worse the condition and you may get addicted of alcohol .As in most cases anxiety and fear may last in a short span of time .But if you get addicted of alcohol and cigarette,It may increase the rate of getting the anxiety and fear .

7. Exercises.

start doing exercise,yoga, specially pranayam can be more helpful,start deep breathing and focus deeply,chant ommkar above all the practises may able to manage your anxiety.

8.Extra Relaxation activity.

listen music,read inspirational books,see motivational videos and stories,watch movie,stick to your hobby,play instruments.these are the key factors which may be proven to manage your anxiety.

9.Avoid seating alone.

Talk with other people and start diverting your mind from that critical fear conditions to social life.It will helps to think lessen about that fear and anxious threats.


Take advice from doctors. they may prescribe some drugs which will be helpful to control your anxiety.use ashwagandha as it may be helpful to reduce anxiety .prefer doctors for the doses of ashwagandha.

11.Take help from others.

Ask experienced person who can a.ble to  manage anxiety.Ask the person who have similar problems as you have. you can share your experience, stories,and tips each other  so that you may get new way to fight against anxiety.
These are some basic funda which may help to overcome from anxiety.But be your own doctor and go to the deep route to causes of your anxiety.After all your own experience may be very helpful to overcome from anxiety and fear. 

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