To seat in air conditioning room and enjoyment of coolness is became the Global trend nowadays. Most of corporate offices ,restaurants,shops,industries,and even most of the houses in mega cities are accommodated with air conditioners.The average temperature of earth is increasing day by day. To overcome this situations generally We took oath of air conditioner and cooler Right ?. But As per my point of view you will be lucky if you don't own air conditioner. or you haven't got the chance to seat in it .

The reason is very clear.Be a natural with nature.whatever  you eat drinks and breathe it plays the vital role in your body . After reading some below side effects of air conditioner, I am sure that you will stop using it .so lets check it out.

1. Respiratory problems
First and major side effects of air condition ,is respiratory trouble.You may experience some dry throats, reunites and nasal blockage in longer time . moreover those patient who are suffering from asthma, should avoid seating in it.As it increases the risk of asthma attack .

2. skin problems

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If you love to take care of your skin, then avoid seating in air conditioner.Because you may feel dry and itchy skin after longer period of time .further more your skin becomes too much sensitive of sun exposure .as a result either you will feel some skin burning,dryness,and itchiness in your skin.

3. Dehydration:

Rates of dehydration are higher in AC rooms as compared to normal rooms. AC sucks too much humidity from the room.and create dryness in the room . As a result if you don't drink more water, your body may be turn dehydrated.

5. Asthma and allergies related problems

asthma attack can be triggered due to allergens and cold air.in addition to it allergens survive more in cold weather. As a result many people faces some serious issues during winter.
air conditioner forms artificial cooling by making very low temperature.In addition to it may worse the symptoms related to respiratory track . so the patients suffering from asthma should avoid seating in AC.

6. Infectious diseases

Mucous is a protective layer that is present in nasal passage. It helps to prevent some viral infections .Seating in air conditioner for longer time may cause dryness of mucous and causes irritation in nasal passage.As a result it increases the chances of getting affected through viral infection .

7.Weak Immunity

As we all know that whenever Weather get changed, many people got seeks .same thing happen when we seat inside the ac rooms in very low temperature and by then suddenly go ahead in high temperature. Our body can not bear This sudden imbalance in temperature, if you have low immunity power .As a result it causes more sickness and lowering down the immunity power.

8. Feeling constantly fatiguedImage result for fatigue

When temperature of air conditioning is set to very low, it causes internal shivering in a person’s body. when that individual works overtime it produces more heat. resulting in it causes constant fatigues. which is the most crucial negative health effect of air conditioning.

9. Viral Infections

Air conditioning is a process in which there is no fresh air circulation rather the old air gets circulated over and over again transmitting bacteria and viruses of cold, flu from one individual to another.So the person having weaker immunity power may immediately affected to a viral infection.

10. Allergy

Proper Cleaning of air conditioning parts is important . The negligence of it can lead to accumulation of dust, bacteria and mold in the air circulating ducts. later on it circulates infectious air .Resulting in causing skin irritations, redness of skin, itchiness and skin allergy. which is another common negative health effect of air conditioning.

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