RBI Grade B – Officers Exam Question Paper (03.08.2014)

RBIRBI Grade B Officers exam Question paper. This will be useful for bank exam aspirants, who will be facing this exam next year and upcoming years. If you remember any other questions, in addition to this, you can comment it here..!

RBI Grade B – Officers Exam – 03.08.2014 (Morning Shift)

1. Oldest member in the modi cabinet
2. Address of Website of prime minister modi where you can contact him
3. Secretory department of economic affairs, finance ministry
4. CEO of Apple
5. Venue of FIFA 2014
6. Organization who won NOBEL peace prize 2013
7. IMF chief
8. Which out of the following five is not an organ of World Bank
9. Which of the following five is not correct regarding WTO
10. Which of the following statements is/are correct about SLR
11. Which of the following can be used for tighten the liquidity by RBI
12. Which of the following countries is not having rupee as their currency— Nepal , Sri Lanka , Pakistan , Malaysia, none of the above
13. Which of the following not correct pair of country-capital– options Philippines – Manila, Libya -tripoli etc
14. Which of the following is not a function of RBI
15. Capital market is also known as — option money, equity, cash and spot, futures
16. Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar award in d field of Biology to whom?
17. One question related to how RBI control liquidity
18. Who recently participated in president elections of Afghanistan
19. Who wrote tales of two cities
20. Who played deductive role in bobby jasoo
21. Who played lead role on Mr Bean
22. Largest thermal power plant in India
23. After increasing the height of Narmada dam, what has become its rank in the world
24. Maximum representation from which state in Modi cabinet?
25. India forex reserve as on 31 mar 2014 as per economic survey
26. How much percent investment allowance in budget 2014 after investment of 25 crore in plant n machinery
27. How much allocation to bullet trains in rail budget
28. Related to definition of balance of payment
29. International women day celebrated when
30. Most costly city in the world according to some world livelihood index report
31. Air Asia alliance with which indian company
32. Recently banking license given to which — ans bandhan
33. Which among the following not a PSU– ans bandhan
34. Highest number of ministers in the cabinet from which state
35. Ajit doval recently appointed as ?
36. First indian to be appointed as chief of Interpol
37. FDI limit in private sector banks
38. Call money?
39. Full form of FMC?
40. BIFR related to?

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